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climbing faq

I’ve never climbed before. Do you cater for beginners and what else do I need to know?

Allow approximately 3 hours for your first visit to NP Paklenica. All newcomers receive a free orientation session covering safety and belaying.. We have over 200 climbs ranging from 8 to 50 metres high, built for every level of ability.

What should I wear to climb?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. Dress according to the outside temperature. Running shoes are fine, although you can also rent proper climbing shoes from us.

What is belaying?

Belay is the French word to stop. Belaying is the art of holding the other end of the rope while the climber climbs. The belayer is the person on the ground who controls the rope for the climber and lowers them when they are ready to come back down to the ground.

What is top roping?

The rope is anchored at the top of the wall with two working ends one with the belayer and one with the climber

Are there age restrictions?

ADV tem offers a thrilling experience for climbers of all ages and ability levels from the age of 3 years onwards.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is free climbing without ropes but with a crash pad underneath for safety. Generally bouldering is not as high as top roping.

What if I don’t own any climbing equipment?

Not a problem. You can hire all the equipment required from ADV including harnesses, shoes, and helmets.

If we come for the day can we leave to eat and come back?

Yes. Our entrance fees are based on a day pass. Simply let a renger know on your way out that you plan to come back that day and you’ll be re-admitted.

Is there a place to eat inside if you bring a picnic lunch?

Yes. We have plenty of tables and chairs inside the park so feel free to bring refreshments and snacks, however, on busy days these fill up fast.

Is there a charge for spectators?

Yes, cause you are entering the NP Paklenica.

Does climbing provide a good workout?

You’ll build strength and flexibility while burning calories. Climbing is one of the best workouts around. Because you are pulling and pushing your own body weight, you gain strength in a natural, healthy way. Plus it’s easy to stay motivated because climbing is so much fun!

Do we need to make a booking?

Yes, its always good to book in advance. If you are coming in a group of 6 or more and require a safety orientation session, then you need to book in advance.

Do you have food and drinks available?

Yes, some snack and foods are available to purchase onsite, but is always good to bring water with you.

free climbing faq

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