Skydiving in Croatia

Tandem skydiving experience in Croatia

Skydiving in Croatia is adventure travel item to add on your wild bucket list. Beautiful location, professional instructors and well maintained gear guarantees unforgettable life time experience. ADV is top rated tandem skydiving company in Croatia.

Skydive in Croatia above National parksSkydive above National parks

Skydiving in Croatia is the ultimate adrenaline thrill at one of the most beautiful locations in the World. Diversity of scenery is unbelievable. You can choose to go urban style and skydive in Zagreb, capital city of Croatia or if you would like to jump above exotic location skydive in Zadar. Location of our drop zone in Zadar is idyllic and one of the most scenic locations in Croatia with beautiful panoramic views on mountain Velebit and National parks Paklenica and Kornati. Skydive above the sea and land with the parachute and your instructor on the beach in a beautiful bay. You can even plan to take a swim after your skydive to cool down a little bit. Skydiving is definitely one of the top fun things to do in Croatia this summer.

Professional skydiving instructors

Skydiving Croatia team is a funny bunch, also highly qualified skydiving USPA instructors that are very happy to introduce you to the beautiful world of skydiving. Our primary mission is to make your first tandem skydive special and relaxed also to ensure that it is safe from start to the end. We are proud of our safety record for all tandem skydives. We guarantee highest levels of safety and a prime location. Although our tandem skydiving instructors are very professional, they are friendly and will never say no to good barbecue party. Give them some music instruments and they will play all night long for you from blues to rock’n’roll and heavy metal.

Unforgettable lifetime experience

Yes, you will remember the moment when we exit the airplane for a very long time. To make it even more memorable we will take video and photos of your skydive with best high definition cameras available in industry of action sports. Currently we are using GoPro 4 Black edition cameras and we are constantly on the watch for new technologies to improve our service even more. We know that your first skydiving experience in Croatia is something you will want to show to your friends and family. This is why our chief editor takes her job very seriously. Every video and photo that we produce for you is special for us and we work hard to make it top quality.

Book your tandem jump in Croatia

Skydiving is one of the few things left in the World that will keep your mind clear of all everyday problems for that 60 seconds of free fall. Don’t be surprised if you will have ‘problems’ with a big smile and unusual happiness for a very long time after your first skydiving experience. It is inspiring and little bit addictive, be careful.

  • from 249 EUR
  • 2 hours

Skydiving Zadar in Croatia allows you to enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of free-falling on your first tandem jump! The view of the Adriatic Sea and the big Velebit mountain is spectacular.

  • from 259 EUR
  • 2 hours

Sunset skydiving is considered to be the ‘’crème de la crème‘’ of all skydiving jumps. Probably the closest you will ever get to the fat old sun without a jet. To put it simple - SPECTACULAR!

  • from 229 EUR
  • 1 hour

Skydiving Zagreb in Croatia allows you to enjoy all the thrill of free falling on your very first tandem jump! The view on old city Zagreb and Nature Park Medvednica is magical.

  • from 299 EUR
  • 2 hours

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