Secret Service ADV Special

This is your secret service agent adventure! Feel the drama, action and excitement in a secret agent style and choose which Double O you wish to be! You will never know what comes next!

  • from 1000 EUR
  • 3 days

This package is offered all year round on selected days. Check free slots for your personal secret service agent adventure on our green BOOKING button. Go for it you won't regret.

What can I expect of this ADV special?

A word of caution fellow ADVenturers. Secret service adventure is a life-changer. Say goodbye to the person you once knew,  and say hello to the new you. From now on you will introduce yourself by: ''My name is Junkie, Adrenalin Junkie.''.

After this ADVenture people have quit their jobs, gotten divorced and pursued their lifelong dream of becoming pilots, skydivers or even professional secret service agents!

We will take things one step at a time, with detailed safety briefings before every activity and you will be under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors from DAY 1 to DAY 3. After this ADVenture is through, prepare to hear from the directors of the new secret service agent movies. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This is how it goes. You contact us by e-mail and then our people will contact your people using secure line. Then we will arrange your scenario and mission according to the activities you would like to experience in secret agent style.

It could look like this for example.

Tandem skydiving drop behind the lines

Day 1

This is scenario of parachute drop behind the lines. We will arrange pickup for you on secret location. Then you will meet with your contact - skydiving instructor agent who will give you full safety briefing and brief you about your primary mission for the day and this one is to jump from airplane on secret location of your primary mission.

This includes:

  • A 20 minute panoramic flight to the target altitude in ADV Cessna 206
  • Skydiving jump from 3500 meters (12 000 ft) above ground level, 50 seconds of free fall and 5-7 minutes of scenic flight   under parachute
  • You will have to take controls of the parachute yourself

We will be skydiving at sunset when daylight is slowly fading and night becomes your companion. This will  help us to stay camouflaged and under the cover of night.

During his stay in Zadar, a mesmerised Alfred Hitchcock is quoted as saying: “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”’ so now you know that you’re in for a very special treat!

After your first top secret experience chill-out with your favourite drink – Martini, shaken not stirred and share your impressions with our team and prepare for DAY 2.

If you want to go down into history books you'll have to do something. We can help you on this one.

Climb the big wall on undercover rescue mission

Day 2

Now you are behind lines on undercover mission to rescue secret service agent colleague that is hiding in the mountains injured. You will have to climb big wall in National park, find your fellow agent and safely abseil down to the safe house.

Before starting your mission you will meet with local guide that knows the area and secret routes very well. You will get full safety briefing and this includes:

  • Analysing the hidden climbing route and preparing necessary secret agent gadgets also checking communication with your local guide
  • Detailed plan how to rescue your college and how to stay undercover
  • During the whole route you will be in the safe hands of our instructors monitoring your mission
  • Locating your college and preparing for getaway and very attractive abseil down to the canyon
  • Meeting and chill out in the safe house and briefing with fellow agent. He will give you something that you should take out of the country.

After your second day behind the lines it is time to prepare yourself physically and mentally, for the final stage - Day 3.

There is nothing better than save someone from difficult situation.

Gateway from the country with acrobatic airplane

Day 3

This is fast gateway from behind the lines. After spending very nice night with your local contact in very nice hotel you will have to run. In the morning you are in danger to be located by local authorities and you will have to run maybe. Take the motorcycle or sports car waiting for you in front of Hotel and drive to the nearest airport. Sneak in avoiding control points and steal aerobatic air plane.

This includes:

  • Hijacking local aerobatic pilot and his airplane
  • Give him the briefing about location you want to fly
  • Go undercover, local flight control office must not be suspicious about planes activity so do it as you are going to aerobatic flight zone
  • Airplane is Extra 300 and be prepared to do full aerobatics flight zone which includes the following manoeuvres: Looping, Cuban 8, Immelmann, Rolls, Inverted flight and Hammerhead
  • If you don't do it local flight control will get suspicious about your activity and will send interceptors from local military base.
  • This is not a joke. There is a military base with fighter airplanes on the same airport.

Good luck. Only you and your actions on this last day of the secret service agent adventure can write the end of this story.

We will be there monitoring every step of your adventure and we will do our best to keep you safe but at some points you will be on your own.


  • Skydiving tandem jump in sunset
  • Big wall climbing one on one
  • Motorcycle or sports car ride to airport
  • Acrobatic flight in Extra 300
  • A special surprise gift/ souvenir
  • Top Gun membership in our ADV aero club
  • Full safety briefings
  • Chance to take controls of the parachute and aeroplane yourself
  • VIP invitation to weekly airfield barbecue and blues party with our team


  • Professionally filmed and edited VIDEO and PHOTOS
  • Any kind of SUPRISE you want we can arrange it
  • Only you can create list of options for this ADV special

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