Foolproof New Year’s Resolution List

How does it look like? I’m talking about your New Year’s resolution list for 2017.

Is it bursting with red, blue, which ever colour you picked out for the ultimate 2017 resolution list tick off? Or is your resolution list still white?

New year resolution list 2018

Did anything change on your resolution list?  Except for the fine layer of dust on it from laying somewhere in a drawer, inserted in a planner or hanging on your fridge, covered with inspirational fridge magnets (mine has a beautiful sunflower with sarcastic-pessimistic quote ‘I started with nothing. That’s pretty much what I’ve got now’). I should throw it away.

Since the time for the new resolution list has come again, time when we (let’s be honest) copy pretty much half or more of the last year’s list, alongside traditional New Year’s resolutions (get in shape, start eating healthy etc.), here are some things we should all consider putting down for this year:

1. I will stop wasting my time on social media

In today’s culture, material and social have become substitution for meaningful and profound human whishes and questions. This does not mean you have to go cold turkey on your Facebook, Instagram etc. But, from time to time, switch off , be aware that there is so much going on around. You are missing it if your face is always looking at the phone screen. Once a week go out for a coffee without your phone, and just sit and observe the world that surrounds you.

2. I will get rid of all emotional and mental vampires

…you know, people who are always around when they need something, draining you with their ‘first world problems’. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time we all talk to members of our family or friends about small problems that are bothering us, seeking for advice or help. And they will always listen to us and help us. That’s normal and it’s in human nature. But when you become someone’s confession chamber, and mental fatigue is all you’re getting in return, it is time to revalue is it really worth having this person (often an askhole) in your life. Your inner peace and mental health will appreciate this!

3. I will (try to) choose adventure and experience over stuff

Declutter your thoughts and house from unnecessary things and make room for experiences that form memories because memories last longer than the material.

4. I will travel more

Because you want to, because you need to and because you can. Buy that plane ticket! From that point it’s easy.

5. I will start making MY dreams come true

Alongside the big dreams, like jumping out of an airplane (which, btw is sooo easy to bring to life with us), getting your dream job, become a Jedi knight, new Steve Jobs or whatever, we all have mini dreams that never become reality because we are scared, lazy, or we believe we don’t have time to make them true. For example, my mini dream has always been to become a superhero! Obviously, I’m not Batman, a billionaire living in Gotham, fighting crime with all high-tech gizmos.

But in 2018 I decided to take Krav Maga lessons and be able to defend myself (maybe others) if I ever need to, which is my interpretation of becoming a superhero. Baby steps.

Skydiving Croatia with ADV in Zadar

6. I will be the best person I can possibly be

Be good to yourself, be respectful and emphatic to the people (and animals!) around you. I know it’s a cliche but it really is amazing how much happiness and positive vibe you can create with a simple smile, a compliment or small gestures that we usually call good manners, and which are, for some reason, so hard to find these days. You can be someone’s superhero for a moment or a day and you don’t need a Batmobile. Being a hero comes in different shapes, sizes and ways.

7. I will get to know my true value and appreciate myself

Stop working hard to win approval from others.

8. I will find the courage to cut what doesn’t suit me from my life

There is no reason for you to stick to people or things that don’t suit due to habit. Now put that guilty pleasure on and do as Taylor says: Shake it off!

We are given new 365 days to become or get one step closer to who and what we really want to be. Make every moment and day count, take care of yourself and the world around you. Find happiness in small things. Find your meaning. Have a wonderful 2018!

You weren’t born just to pay bills and die– old inspirational fridge magnet proverb.

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