How to get ready for skydiving in Croatia in just 15 minutes

Getting ready for your first experience of skydiving in Croatia isn’t as complicated as you may think, but you do need to know a couple of important things before jumping out of the airplane

girls ready for skydiving Two happy jumpers getting excited about taking-off and jumping out of our ADV Cessna 206

Getting ready for your first tandem skydive takes just 15 minutes…

One of the misconceptions people have about tandem skydiving in Zadar is that it’s complicated and takes quite a while before you’re ready to jump out of the airplane. Actually, all it takes is paying attention to a short 15-minute safety briefing you’ll receive from your tandem instructor and that’s it – you’re ready to skydive!   After you put on your ADV jump suit and cap, your instructors will explain the correct body position (the boxman) which is essential for a stable and safe free-fall. It may at first sound a bit complicated, but the fast accelerating airflow during free-fall will help you form the boxman without almost any effort. All you need to do to, believe it or not, is relax your body during free-fall… You’ll also learn about the importance of lifting up your legs in the final moments of the parachute flight. That way you’ll experience the softest landing possible. And… that’s about it – your ready to skydive! The final thing you’ll learn is the correct way to exit the airplane, which you’ll probably think is the scariest part of your skydive. In fact, the exit is what most people remember as their favourite part of skydiving in Croatia…   Now all you need to do is take a deep breath, walk over to our ADV Cessna 206 with your instructor, take-off, enjoy a beautiful panoramic flight above the Adriatic coast and enjoy your skydive. After the free-fall and deployment of the parachute (which will open, as it always does), you’re ready to enjoy the second most enjoyable part of your experience of skydiving in Croatia – taking the controls of the canopy. Now you can steer the parachute yourself, swooping towards the sea or just enjoying the view of the spectacular mountains and islands below.

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