This is why September is perfect for a tandem skydive in Zadar

The summer might be coming to an end but the season for a tandem skydive in Zadar is far from over… Come and jump with us!

tandem skydive clouds A tandem skydive at the end of the summer can be an incredible experience

September is perfect for a tandem skydive because the temperatures are more mild, the sun is still bright and the skies are clearer than ever…

During the past few months of the summer we’ve enjoyed every single tandem skydive we made in Zadar. And we jumped literally hundreds of times, making over 400 people smile the biggest smiles we could hope for. You can check out some of their thoughts on our TripAdvisor page. Now that the summer is over, you might think that we’re packing our parachutes and bringing our own skydiving season to an end… But you’d be wrong. Actually, our skydiving activities in Zadar are far from over, because September is one of our favourite times of the year.

Why? Because this is one of the best times to make a tandem skydive in Zadar. As the summer winds down, the temperatures become much more enjoyable – instead of the scorching 36+ degrees Celsius we’ve endured in July and August, during September they hover around 25C. And the sun seems to be shining brighter than ever. That’s because the Bura wind blows more frequently and clears the skies. That in turn means that the views of the sea, mountains and islands will be more mind-blowing than ever.

So, if you were doubting whether September is any good for a tandem skydive, don’t. It’s perfect! In some ways, this is the best time of the year to skydive in Zadar. Come and join us and experience the time of your life!

tandem skydive thrill

Join us for a tandem skydive during one of our favourite months of the year

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