Skydiving in Zadar should be on your summer “TO DO” list

For those of you who still need convincing, here’s a list of 10 reasons why the experience of skydiving in Croatia will make your summer unforgettable

Skydiving Croatia above Zadar

Why is skydiving in Zadar so beautiful and why we receive so many positive testimonials for our ADV drop zone?

  • You’ll meet the fun-loving members of the ADV team who’ll make you smile and ease any fears you might have about jumping out of an airplane
  • Safety above all else is our number one priority – it’s guaranteed by highly experienced tandem instructors and the best parachute equipment in the business
  • Our Cessna 206, which will take you up to the jump altitude of 3000 meters, is one the safest and most comfortable airplanes you could wish for a tandem jump
  • During the flight you’ll enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the Adriatic sea and the surrounding islands, including two National parks – Paklenica and Kornati
  • The moment you jump out of the airplane will take your breath away – in a good way, obviously
  • The free-fall part of the jump lasts up to 50 seconds, but you’ll think it lasted for hours and maybe even your life flashes before your eyes
  • You’ll reach free-fall speeds of up to 220 km/h (136 mph). But if you feel the need for more speed, just ask your tandem instructor!
  • After the soft parachute opening, you’ll enjoy a 5-minute canopy flight with a wonderful view of the Adriatic sea and islands below
  • You’ll fly the parachute yourself and while you’re soaring above the sea like a bird, you’ll forget that your instructor is even there with you
  • It’s a life-changing experience you’ll never forget. But in the unlikely event that you do forget, you’re always welcome to come back and jump with us again!
Tandem skydive in Croatia

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