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Unbelievable tandem skydiving reactions by ADV #1

hilarious skydiving reaction

Watch our new video blog series of unbelievable and hilarious tandem skydiving reactions. If you are inspired by this video preview of positive energy after skydiving with ADV team please check Skydiving in Zadar for more information. Related articles Unbelievable tandem skydiving reactions by ADV #2 Afraid of heights? 7 reasons to jump from the airplane

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Skydiving team flying from Zagreb to Zadar

Skydiving airplane Cessna 206 flying over Croatia

ADV skydiving team is flying over Croatia from Zagreb to Zadar drop zone. Weather in Croatia is perfect and it is time to move tandem skydiving operation and our airplane Cessna 206 9A-ADV to the beautiful location on Adriatic coast in Zadar. There is no better way to start the summer vacation then to try skydiving above […]

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Project 9A-ADV

9A-ADV skydiving airplane

  It all started nine months ago in Norway, Notodden, when we made final inspection of our Cessna U206G that we are now using in our Skydiving Zadar operation. We were very happy with test flights and our search for airplane was great success. Our search was long and very detailed all around the world. […]

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