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Top 5 reasons to become aerobatic pilot

Preparing for aerobatic flight

Why would anyone in their right mind do that for a living? This is the usual question aerobatic pilot gets after “voow”, “ah-uh” and similar comments at airshows. Well, its’ about time someone lists top five reasons for risking life in aerobatic aircraft.  1. Girls like top gun pilots This one was obvious. It’s a […]

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Popular free climbing areas in Croatia

BWSC Paklenica climbing competition

To tell the truth, Croatia is not among top climbing destinations in the world. Croatians are not famed to be ‘the mountaineering nation’, as some of our alpine neighbours surely are, though we do have beautiful mountains. Luckily, one piece of a perfect limestone crag recently started to change our climbing reputation. Year by year, […]

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How to learn aerobatics from manual in flight

Funny aerobatics with Extra 300

Aerobatic instructor is enjoying day off and learning new aerobatic tricks from manual in flight :)?! For more information about aerobatics with Extra 300 in Croatia please check Aerobatic flight experience in Croatia. Our most popular adrenaline adventures Skydiving in Zadar – Tandem jump Free climbing in Paklenica Panoramic flight above National park Kornati Aerobatic […]

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10 photos to inspire adventure travel in Croatia

Sunset in Zadar

1. Tandem skydiving with view on mountain Velebit Photo by Miroslav Čižmešija   2. Rock climber high in National park Paklenica Photo by Luka Tambača   3. Scenic view on National park Kornati Photo by Grgo Miočić   4. Fantasy panorama on mountain Velebit Photo by Željko Opačić   5. Crystal clear Adriatic sea Photo […]

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Wingsuit BASE jumping

wingsuite base jumper

Throughout the skydiving season, we where often asked do we fly wingsuits ( WS ), and do we fly our WS in the mountains. YES we do, and we LOVE it!!! This activity is called WS BASE jumping. Nowadays, thanks to YouTube generations, many people think that BASE and WS BASE jumping is easy. It is […]

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Top 10 candy adventures to try in Croatia

Kiki candy product of Croatia

We are not responsible for extra pounds you might put on after trying these candies! Once you’re done with enjoying fish, peka, lamb and other savory dishes, try supermarket budget-friendly candy hunt. This is a short ‘confectionary isle’ guide for visiting Croatia (list could go on and on). Each item on this list is Croatian produce […]

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How to become a rock climber

Rock climber on Paklenica

It’s no big deal to become a rock climber really. While rock climbers are generally super cool dudes, they’re not superheroes, not men of super powers. Climbing babysteps are really easy, but it takes an unique blend of personal affinities to push you any further in that kind of adventure. So to say, your strength […]

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14 modifications for BMW R1200GS Adventure

BMW R1200 GS Adventure on Nordkapp

BMW R1200GS Adventure was build for traveling around the World on and of the pavement. BMW Motorrad tried to make it perfect, so that we adventure riders don’t have too much things to tweak, like we always do. This is the list of modifications I made on my 2012 BMW R1200GS Adventure and this model  is one […]

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Unbelievable tandem skydiving reactions by ADV #2

Unbelievable skydiving reactions

Watch new video with truly honest reaction after first tandem skydiving jump in Croatia, Zadar. If you are inspired by this video preview of positive energy after skydiving with ADV team please check Skydiving in Zadar for more information. Related articles Unbelievable tandem skydiving reactions by ADV #1 Afraid of heights? 7 reasons to jump from the airplane

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