Project 9A-ADV

9A-ADV skydiving airplane

  It all started nine months ago in Norway, Notodden, when we made final inspection of our Cessna U206G that we are now using in our Skydiving Zadar operation. We were very happy with test flights and our search for airplane was great success. Our search was long and very detailed all around the world. […]

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Space skydiving or the power of marketing

Space skydiving adventure

Takeoff Briefing Episode 2  You might argue that its old news, but as I remember it, it wasn’t news at all. Considering the availability and promptness of social networks and the Internet in general, news is as just as old after a couple of hours as it is after 2 months. However, at least one […]

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Aviation Top 10 in 2014


Takeoff Briefing Episode 1   Although it was a turbulent year for flying, with aviation-related topics headlining the news more than a few times, the industry overcame the problems, set new records and trends, and took safety, economy and ecology to a higher level. Check out our Aviation Top 10 in 2014…  

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History of skydiving


“During the last ten centuries, parachutes and skydiving have passed through three basic developmental stages. Lets go through short history of skydiving.”   The earliest and the first stage in skydiving history occurred before ballon and aircraft, we can say even before before there was an actual need for it.

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ADV Cessna 206 skydiving

Cessna 206 skydiving

 Cessna 206 is one of the most desirable, classic six-seater sport utility airplanes ever built. Ease back on the yoke and 310 fuel injected horses and leap off the runway, climbing at speeds approaching 1,051 feet per minute.

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Skydiving experience in Croatia

ADV skydivining croatia dropzone

      You have decided to add some adventure spice in your summer vacation in Croatia. Most probably if you are looking for adventure you will have skydiving on your bucket list. If you want to try skydiving, nice location is very important to make the feeling complete. 

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